About DeYuan

Guangzhou DEYUAN Acrylic Limited , is a professional and powerful factory for Acrylic Products in South of China, Established in 1995, and also is a premium supplier for Canton Fair.

We are Group Company, we manufacture the competitively priced and high quality products: Cast Acrylic, Extruded Acrylic, Polystyrene Sheet (PS), Mirrored Acrylic Sheet, Light Guide Plate (LGP), Led Diffuser Sheet, Textured Acrylic Sheet, Fabric Acrylic, Acrylic Rod & Tubes.


We also started a factory specialize in manufacturing various acrylic products including Acrylic Display,Acrylic Cake Stand,Acrylic Photo Frames,Acrylic Holder , Acrylic box,Acrylic trays,acrylic block, acrylic wards,acrylic sheet,acrylic mirror, acrylic LED display, acrylic signs, acrylic makeup displays, acrylic holders, acrylic stands, acrylic mirror, acrylic case, acrylic shoe box,acrylic furniture, acrylic Jewelry display, acrylic watch displays, acrylic calendar stand, acrylic hotel & bar products, acrylic shopping displays, acrylic sign holder, acrylic trophies, etc many different kinds of OEM acrylic products.


As a top-rated China acrylic manufacturer, we’d like to share our knowledge and experiences in this website, and hope all the information can help you meet your material requirements consistently and competitively.
Our Vision & Mission

Become the leading acrylic industry enterprises with outstanding reputation, and lead the Chinese acrylic industry strives towards the world.


Our Values

- We always put our customers at the centre of what we do;

- We offer our customers products at the best price and excellent quality.
Our Motto

- Create high-quality products;

- Create values for customers;

- Create international brand.





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