Clear Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheet – Extruded PMMA Acrylic Sheet for Lighting, Crafts, Advertising, Display, Furniture etc

Clear Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheet – Plexiglass Perspex sheet- Extruded PMMA Acrylic Sheet for Lighting, Crafts, Advertising, Display, Furniture etc  

Type cast acrylic sheet, and extruded pmma acrylic sheet
Size 48″x72″ 48″x96″ 50″x74″ 50″x74″ 36″x72″ 39″x78″ 41″x70″ 53×78″ 61×96″ 63″x96″ 63″x122″ 74″x122″ 74×98″ 81×121″ 1220x1830mm, 1220x2440mm, 2050x3050mm, 1000x2000mm,1350x2000mm and can be customized
Thickness 1 mm – 300 mm (0.39″ to 118″)
Color Clear, Colored, Frosted, Fluorescent, Tinted, Pearl , Silver / Gold / Blue / purple or customized
Material 100% virgin Lucite raw material , zhuyou PMMA, LG PMMA , Mitusbish
Delivery 15 to 20 days after prepayment
Application Decoration / Furniture / Crafts/ Advertising / Display products / Shop fitting etc.
Light transmission 97%
Density 1.2g/cm3


  Many Color available: Normal Color, Glitter acrylic sheet,  Noise Barrier Acrylic sheet for Road projects, Iridescent acrylic sheet, Frosted Acrylic Sheet


Applications of BPT Acrylic Sheet 

1, Construction:Wndows,Soundproof windows and doors,Mining mask,Telephone booths,etc.

2, Ad: Light boxes,Signs,Signage,Exhibition, etc.

3, Transport:Trains,Cars and other vehicles’doors

4, Medical: Baby incubators,a variety of surgical medical devices

5, Public goods:Sanitary facilities,Handicrafts,Cosmetics,Frame,Tank,etc.

6, Industry:Surface of the instrument panel and cover,etc.

7, Lighting:Fluorescent lamps,chandeliers,street lamp,etc.

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Features of Acrylic Sheet:

1. High transparency, like crystal after polishing, transmittance up to 93.7%.
2. Highlighting smooth surface, without any other material.
3. Good weather resistance, good temperature resistance, long service life. Will not discoloration, will not loss light.
4. Stable performance, no odor after processing. Machining and thermoforming are available.
5. Nonpoisonous, environmental protection, elegant shape, a great variety, kinds of color.  Acrylic Production Flow, Cast MMA Acrylic Sheet – 100% Virgin Lucite or Mitrubish Raw material


Cast acrylic sheet is made by LUCITE MMA raw material, our machine is one circular pipeline, we will every frame sheets quality including the weight,the thickness,the surface,the size. We will make sure every sheet is qualified. Welcome to visit our factory.

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Extrusion PMMA Acrylic sheet raw material and production lines: 

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Cast and Extruded acrylic sheet is packed with two sides PE film or Kraft paper film, brand can be OEM, then packed with wooden pallet.

BULK CARGO PACKING : 1.5 tons per tray , use wooden pallet on bottom ,with packing film packages all around ensure transportation security .

FULL CONTAINER LOADING PACKING : 14-16 tons of a 20 foot container with 11 to 12 pallets .

Delivery Date: 15 to 20 days after prepayment.


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