Extruded & Cast Acrylic Sheet

Extruded & Cast Acrylic Sheet

More flexible than glass or metals, acrylic is more rigid than many other plastics such as acetates, polycarbonates, or vinyl. Extruded acrylic sheet is more economical and has a lower forming temperature, while the cast acrylic sheet is more scratch-resistant. Both extruded and cast acrylic sheet comply with FDA requirements for food contact, which also makes it an ideal choice for restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, cafeterias, and much more. NOTE: components made of Acrylic sheet should not be exposed to high heat sources such as high wattage incandescent lamps unless the finished product is ventilated to permit the dissipation of heat.

Products Features Of Cast acrylic sheet and Extruded PMMA sheet 

Mitrubish pmma for extrusion acrylic sheet

Mitrubish pmma for extrusion acrylic sheet



Cast Acrylic sheet is made of MMA liquid material and from the glass Mold line, and PMMA sheet is made PMMA solid material which from extrusion production line, and we are using 100% virgin material to give customer quality gurantee


LG solid PMMA material

LG, Mitsubishi solid virgin PMMA material

lucite MMA for cast acrylic mma sheet

lucite MMA for cast acrylic mma sheet

Size and Colors

1. 1220*1820 1220*1830 1020*2020 1820*2420 1220*2420 1220*2440 1300*2520 1360*2600 1640*2580 1470*2970 2050*3050 1350*2000 1220*3050mm (without pvc edge)

    1250*1850 1260*1880 1050*2050 1850*2450 1250*2450 1260*2480 1330*2550 1390*2630 1670*2610 1500*3000 2090*3090 1400*2050 1250*3090mm( with pvc edge).

2. Thickness: 1 mm to 300 mm

3. Clear to Various colours

Feature of cast PMMA sheet and XT Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet

  • Half the weight of glass & more impact resistant

  • Meets ANSI Z97.1 for use as a safety glazing material

  • Clear, colorless; light transmittance is 92%

  • Tolerance: +/- .187″ on sizes under 48″ x 96″, 2050×3050 and other products

  • Extruded forming temperature: 290°F-320°F

  • Extruded temp.: -30°F to 160°F cont. (190°F intermittent)

  • Cast forming temperature: 340°F-380°F, Cast temp. -40°F to 180°F cont. (200°F intermittent)

  • Sheets 48″ x 48″ & larger must ship motor freight

  • Meets FDA standards

Welcome to custom size, thickness and colors, and we also provide cutting and printing service even fabricating


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